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Ambition and professionalism

Strategically located at the gateway to Africa, in the heart of Tangier,

Nova Africa is not only a new modern and ambitious business center with an area of 1,200m²; it is first and foremost a hub of talents, services and professions intended to shine on the Straits. Your projects will mature and blossom in the effervescence of the complementary expertise of the partners. Its space has been specifically designed for your needs.


Meeting rooms, conference room, modular offices and open spaces are at your disposal to make the most of your teams and welcome your partners in the best possible conditions.

The layout of the premises in Nova Africa makes it possible to accommodate specialized services, such as a bank branch, a telephone operator or even institutions.

Nova Africa provides its users with a concierge service as well as a cafeteria on the garden level, offering a friendly space dedicated to relaxation.

Your company and your teams will have the chance to integrate a second professional family by settling in Nova Africa thanks to a desire to reinvent collaborative professional links.

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Nova Africa is the result of an ambitious vision and a desire to push back the limits and standards of the region. Motivated by the sizeable challenge, the architects succeeded in making Nova Africa a benchmark in the field. Sublimate the fusion of modern minimalism and a unique architectural heritage, Nova Africa is, like Tangier, a point of convergence between Africa and Europe, the West and the East.
Marble and wood accompany you on the 3 levels which are the garden level, the ground floor as well as the top floor with panoramic view.

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